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Oh, by the way...

I graduated this past weekend. :)

If anyone knows anyone hiring a strings teacher... or any kind of music teacher... pass along my name :D Actually, planning on subbing the first year or two if I can't find a more permanent position. It'll be a good year no matter what.

I'm slowly working on getting caught up with emails, LJ, and other social stuff. Slowly.

Since it's everywhere else...

Bin Laden is dead. Should be an interesting set of effects as that ripples through the middle East, but I'm thankful that there's at least SOME closure for the worst chapter in US history.

Writer's Block: Roamin'

If you were going on a week-long vacation to a tropical paradise and could only take five items, what would you bring?

Pajamas (long, loose flowy clothing -- breathable in tropical heat, and a sunburn preventative).

Violin (DUH).

Kindle or Nook with lots of new reading material - and a variety of sheet music downloads as well, if available.

Sock knitting bag (with current project+new yarn for project #next)

Husband. Considering I never see him anymore, as our schedules are completely opposing.

Ewe spin me right round baby...

Couldn't help the punnish post title. Because...

I have made yarn.

It's not a lot, maybe about .75 oz of the smaller batch of Targhee top (the lupine color). I spun a spindle-full, then wound that into a center-pull ball and chain plied it without too much attention to color changes... so it has some neat effects. I have found the following:

1)Whoops, those 'thin' singles I was spinning really ain't thin when 3-plied.

2)That's a lot of spinning for a little yarn.

3)There's a few underplied spots, but not many... and I haven't found any overplied spots.

4)Holding a (however small) skein of *usable* yarn that I made? Priceless.

5)Chain plying isn't as hard as it sounds, and I think that the loops/knots are essentially unnoticeable. Maybe that's just me.

Tomorrow when I'm doing some dying, I'm going to attempt to set the twist in this skein, and then start working on the rest. Thinking it's too thick for Mitt Envy, so maybe a calorimetry or something else small instead.

ETA: image ahoy!

This skein only had about 35 yards in it *whimper* I thought I was going to get more out of it, but I think that's because I was anticipating 2-ply instead of the chain ply. It's a little more than half of the original amount of fiber by weight.

Yarn geeking

A few weeks ago, my friend Jen came up from Ohio on her way to Eastern PA. It was great to spend time with her again, and she showed me how to spin (ironically, I had just gotten a drop spindle with a knitpicks shipment that very day). So, I've been doing some spinning here and there when I have a few minutes of free time. Today, I wandered down to a new-to-me yarn store further down towards the city and actually picked up 4 oz of Mountain Colors roving (100 % Targhee top)called 'northern lights', and it's GORGEOUS, plus a smaller mini-size roving in a color called 'lupine'. I've got some fiber already on the spindle, but I'm hoping to finish that off soon and get some spinning in on the lupine before the end of break. If I judge things right, I should have enough lupine to do a pair of Mitt Envy if I can spin a consistent enough single to get a fingering weight yarn... Next summer at some point, I hope to be able to make a trip out to Ohio to visit with Jen and pick up a small spinning wheel that she's fixing up. I have all kinds of plans for what I want to spin, and a lot of time between now and then to play with dying my own yarn and roving.

But yeah. That's just me being a geek, and being thankful for some free time to be spending on non-school-stuff at the moment :)

I have a lot of school stuff to write about, considering that I haven't updated all semester, but that will have to wait for later this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, or a wonderful Thursday for those who don't celebrate today.

FB reposting policy

Just as a general FYI:

I disabled the FB link with my ElJay link between my FB and my LJ for a few reasons, largely because I don't agree with the reposting feature that was added, have no intention to use it, and don't want to be counted as an ElJay user with that feature as active.

I would greatly appreciate that if anyone wants to repost something from here (not that I've been posting much lately), that they ask me about it first.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled flist...

I has a goal...

Summer 2012, I want plan to bike around Lake Michigan.

More to come later, but I wanted to share.

inquiring minds want to know ...

If you had to pick one current-gen gaming platform (ps3, xbox, or wii), which would you pick and why? Brad and I are starting to talk about catching up with our home entertainment tech... ps3 has a slight edge due to netflix streaming, backwards compatibility with our current game library, and blue ray player....

grades posted...

.... 18 credits of A!! Gives me a 3.865 overall at the moment... good enough for summa cum laude or whatever the highest honors under valedictorian / salutatorian are. Assuming I keep it up.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D